Babel takes over the powers of three ministries of service

03/13/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 607 - Issue (3875)

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Babil province announced management, on Sunday, for the transfer of three ministries powers of the province, confirmed the distribution of the local government for the salaries of employees in all three ministries "smoother", as pointed out lingered other ministries in the transfer of powers to the provinces.

The deputy governor of Babil Financial Affairs Ahmed Mohsen Ali (range), that "it was the transfer of powers, three ministries namely education, health, agriculture, under Article 45 of the provincial Law No. 21, which committed eight ministries to transfer all the powers their own to local governments." , pointing out that "the rest of the ministries, Kalmalah, demanded the prime minister to wait for the time of the transfer of powers to the provinces."

The contract budget sections managers in eight provinces, beginning of this year, a meeting in Babil province to discuss the transfer of powers from some of the ministries, and demanded that the Ministry of Finance to apply Article 45 of the provinces that are not associated with the province of the law, while noting that many of the ministries are still sticking to the central powers.