Parliamentary Finance reveal for "direction Press" internal and external size of the debt on Iraq

13/03/2017 01:30 | Number of Views: 802

Direction Press / special

Parliamentary Finance Committee today unveiled the external and internal size of the debt on Iraq, stressing that "the total debt amounted to $ 119 billion in addition to the World Bank loan.

Committee member Majda al-Tamimi's "direction Press," said, the total internal and external debt of Iraq, according to director of public debt in the Ministry of Finance figures amounted to 107 billion dollars, in addition to what has been signed recently with the British side with a loan of 10 million pounds, the equivalent of 11 to 12 Million dollars .

She added that "Iraq is going to increase external and internal loans with very high interest rates, especially the internal loan, indicating that" external loan from the World Bank, its benefits will be very simple addition to Britain for Iraq a loan.

She said Tamimi, "If the loans for the creation of A_i_marah projects where revenue, therefore it can pay down the debt from the revenues of those projects, pointing out that" the loans it takes on Iraq and pay them the benefits of the intervention in the pockets of corrupt, and commitments remain the responsibility of Iraq for many years.

He pointed out that "the country needs to be managed from the fiscal policy in Iraq, especially in the executive side, indicating that" the legislative side does not care as provided by the jurisdiction of the owners of competencies and thus performs what he thinks Saeb, asserting that "the country is going in the wrong direction.

And he demanded that a member of the Finance Committee and the government to find a real pause for the development of other revenue which is found and many, as well as prevent the corrupt control of the customs. Asserting that "The money for the customs and tax figures are fictional, but they go into the pockets of the corrupt.