Tourism's "economy News": the integration of our ministry of culture has hurt tourism and support the government's dilatory us

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Tourism Authority confirmed that the integration of culture and tourism ministry's decision has damaged the tourism sector, indicating that the central government's support for the tourism sector Mtkli and totally ambitious.

He said in the tourist facilities director Mahmoud al-Zubaidi said in an interview for "Economy News", that the reality of tourism in Iraq is not the level of ambition and the impact has been particularly following the merger of the Ministry with the Ministry of Culture that has damaged the tourism sector that the work of the Ministry of Culture is far from the tourist action. He pointed out that al-Zubaidi, at a time when the world is heading to strengthen tourism and developed to be an economical alternative for many sectors such as oil, for example, we find that Iraq is reluctant to tourism and Aadamha.

Zubaidi said that the government does not support the tourism sector and backed it too slow does not rise to the level of ambition, noting that the body and yet it reached Statistics Bodoadtha to self-sufficiency, wondering how if Hnalkaam for tourism, it Baltnokid will return in the affirmative to the state treasury. AJ