Iraq: an initiative to establish a Supreme Economic Council

March 12, 2017 in the media center

Announced professional unions represent an important aspect of the Iraqi private sector, the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council in order to unite the efforts of the sector and future visions for the advancement of the economy, and that the private sector is an official partner of the government in economic decision-making.

And includes the organization of trade unions law, «Iraqi industries» and «Chambers of Commerce» and «CCC» and «peasant associations» and «Insurance Association», leading to «Travel and Tourism Association in Iraq» and a group of economists and businessmen.

He said the founder of the initiative Adham Pottery, said the initiative presented to the Prime Minister «included the adoption of a short or long-term strategies and coordination between the joints of the national economy to lead the economic file».

He explained that this would be «to see a united and bound implementation of all relevant sectors, and offset by the multiplicity of the leadership of this file sources on the part of state institutions for the management of the national economy, and have the private sector an official partner of the state under the Constitution intended all specialties and its statesmen and expertise to participate in the national economic decision-making, especially as this sector supports the principle of the actual viability of any economic process with respect and rejects corruption in private institutions ».

Pottery and pointed out that the goals and objectives «represented in the leadership of the economy as an authority implementing economic graduate headed by the Prime Minister, comprises representatives of the government and the ministers of finance, planning, agriculture, oil, transport and communications and the Central Bank of Iraq, trade and electricity, housing and water resources. And also joined by economists and businessmen, the official nominated by professional associations operating under the law ».

He pointed out that the decision in this initiative «a majority of voting 51 percent, according to the number of attendees and not the number of members to miss an opportunity in front of any intention to obstruct the approval or the legislation».

The Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani, to «the efforts of professional associations to deliver the voice of the private sector, including the magnitude of the advice and expertise to the center of government decision». He explained that the EU «includes economic consulting centers of the finest trade experts, and was diligent in preparing recommendations and advice to decision-makers.»

The judicial expert Wael Abdul Latif, the importance of «develop a clear strategy, after some years of loss in the absence of vision clear central leadership capabilities of Iraq's economic, what brought us to this painful in decline evaluate the economic situation indicators course, what makes it imperative necessities of the founding of the Supreme Economic Council».

He stressed the need to take the private sector «economic management of the process with a policy to convert all public sectors of production in state institutions to the real private sector.»

The president of the Iraqi Federation of Industries Ali Sabih, that «one of the achievements of the national initiative is to unify the visions of leaders of private sector representatives of the real official representatives of professional unions have a history since the inception of the Iraqi state.» He said: «It is time for the official trade unions institution adopts under the law authorizes the right of the unified official discourse in the form of an official, the government's participation in the leadership capabilities of the country, their service providers so as to enhance the process of building a sound and healthy economy».

Adel Mahdi

Al - Hayat