Dr.. Peace Sumaisem: * the vicious cycle of investment in Iraq


Since he entered the Faculty of Administration and Economy - Department of Economics in 1978 , and until now I enjoy Baltlmzh methodology in schools of economic thought, which taught academically, and that the good fortune that has received the best teachers in this field and a special mention of them. Dr.. Hisham Baaj God 's mercy. It is important that countries experiences and events give us free lessons in economics and all its branches.

Oftentimes it is some meditation experience is a key to the solutions may be new beginnings put the nation on the road to salvation. Many examples in the models that have lived and experienced by humans, and us in the articles of Lord Keynes and many others, up to the present era and the rise of the Chicago School and how he started a group of professors of the University of Chicago series of articles has evolved into a mission school in the monetary policy, the best example of this.

This introduction is a special Bouh I wanted to be transmitted by the tender to my teachers and I think on the Iraqi economy. Advisory my work is "private" made me hit a loop closed loop Remember poverty Vicious Circle of Poverty with different ingredients. Iraq 's economy today is going on in a vicious circle of private sector projects:

1. Lack of funding.

2. The lack of access to the bank guarantee , which guarantees for the project to get a loan for funding.

3. The lack of liquidity.

4. Bureaucratic direct investment agencies and deliberately not to allow projects to the private sector.

5. Lack of political cover any project that does not guarantee him never birth.

These points are very simply a summary of the suffering of the lead to the continuous deterioration and we are caught in the vicious circle of investment, which, if remained untreated will become, as in the example of poverty, the Iraqi economy syndrome and any way become a cop to talk reserve or to study the Iraqi economy.

Vslukiat government agencies and the related entities paid to the drafting of a new pattern of economic profile of the production units of private and public. The modern vacuum of logic and science is the only modern prevailing in such episodes, which , although varied , but it stems from a single source and driven by ideology and one run by the thought of one - to change the faces and names of geographical location , but the upstream mechanism and management one.

How can an investor, whether Iraqis or foreigners, that is linked to a share of this party or this block? And how it marketed its management to invest and how to manage the investment process at all ?

I wonder here: Under any item can we include this Ketloah control when calculating the economic viability, or to study the art of the project?

Gentlemen, we are talking about corruption, which I included them in Kaguetsadah "pattern of the current Iraqi economy" within the cost of the elements, however, dragged and persistence in this matter may be more than just a calculated part of the cost to ... .. I do not know what we could call.

It is important in all of this that this matter must be treated seriously and takes in the IPO and trading, and the seriousness of the Iraqi decision maker to listen to us as researchers economies are serious and non-Mnazavin economic interests of the corruption within the systems or cartels closeup committees of senior leadership in our country breeze.

Gentlemen, it's a campaign requires participation and advancement of the Iraqi economy.

Iraq has the Lord protect him.

(*) Economic expert

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