Discuss ways to implement mechanisms and help the Central Bank about the currency window

12/08/2017-15:55 (Todays date....goofy Iraqi's)

A joint meeting discussed between representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank and representatives of the Iraqi private banks and foreign and Arabic in Iraq and Iraqi private banks Association nzoth by noon the constraints faced by banks in the implementation mechanisms and help sell window.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Executive Director of the Association to Gibraltar in his welcoming statement to summarize the most important paragraphs, said that "the importance of this meeting involves clarifying and facilitating the implementation of mechanisms and special instructions before the eyes of all banks".

He said the Central Bank's currency window manager Omar Hashim highlighted the basic requirements for implementing instructions and new mechanisms.

It was then opened the discussion on the problems encountered in their implementation.

Representatives have provided domestic and foreign private banks operating in Iraq and 75 employees inquiries about challenges facing execution and Central Bank representatives answered very clearly about ways of implementing and running smoothly.

Everybody had good impressions about the meeting fully understands the requirements of the Central Bank in implementing new mechanisms and help sell window.