Wasit launches three oil wells in the field badra

2017-03-12 at 14:39

Baghdad scales news

Energy Commission announced in Wasit Governorate Council, Sunday, the Russian company Gazprom, launched three new oil wells in oil field that drew Pedra Gazprom developed a plan to raise crude oil production from the field badra in Wasit Governorate, after completion of drilling three new wells this year, thus increasing the number of oil wells drilled 15 wells in oil field Pedra reflected on increasing the volume of exports.

Energy Committee Chairman said in Wasit Governorate Council hope publicly in a statement, the balance of news/copy of it, "the Russian company Gazprom launched three new wells production rate reached 23 million barrels, bringing the number of oil wells unexploited field to 15 wells and Pedra brings production to 77 million barrels."

She added that "the Russian Gazprom company are going at a steady pace on the schedule announced by the arrival of production to 170 million barrels by the end of this year."

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