Iraq's ambassador to the UN: No evidence of chemical weapons attacks in Mosul
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Iraqi ambassador said the United Nations Mohammed Ali Hakim , there was no evidence that Daesh terrorist gangs used chemical weapons in Mosul where the terrorists are trying to repel the progress of the Iraqi forces.
Hakim said he had spoken with officials in Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon and said there was no evidence of the use of chemical weapons Daesh.
The United Nations said on Saturday that 12 people including women and children being treated for possible exposure to chemical weapons in Mosul since the first of March.
And the Under - Secretary - General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator in emergency Stephen O'Brien , Under - Secretary - General for Disarmament Affairs , Kim Won - soo UN Security Council on Friday on the situation in Mosul.
He said Britain's UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, head of the Council for the month of March , The Council , composed of 15 members believed that the realization of Iraq in possible attacks with chemical weapons continues.
He Rycroft told reporters after the report of the Security Council "We have expressed our concern about reports of the possible use of chemical weapons Daesh and look forward to the results of an investigation into the allegations of Iraq."