Mosul .. Iraqi forces predict the ‘big wins’ within hours

Spokesman for the Iraqi joint operations Yahya said Messenger Saturday that “the coming hours” could see a “great victories” of Iraqi forces on Daesh fighters in Mosul, pointing out that the liberalization of the west coast of the entire city is near.

He explained in an interview with The Messenger, “Radio Sawa” that progress datum Iraqi air cover as well as the international coalition aircraft, adding that “in the coming hours, there will be victories Bushra wed to the Iraqi people.”

Messenger confirmed that the Iraqi forces now control more than 60 percent of the west coast of the conductor, but he pointed out that the population density hinder progress troops participating in the liberation of the city operations.

The military spokesman said that Daesh suffering from a decline in his abilities and appeared “Menksra dramatically and clear. A defeat and dispersion of leadership after successful strikes Iraqi air forces and coalition aircraft.”

Source: Radio Sawa