School: the elimination of administrative corruption and discrimination are priorities after victory
at 10:14 (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News
Called religious authority, Muhammad Taqi school, on Friday, the Iraqi people to preserve the blood of the martyrs elimination of administrative corruption and the rejection of sectarian discrimination noting that of his priorities after achieving victory

He said the school, in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "the Iraqi people offers victories on terror gift-loving peoples to peace and security and to dedicate justice and dignity values in the nation " calling to preserve the blood of the martyrs elimination of administrative corruption

He added that it "comes at a time when Iraqi forces seized control of large parts of the city of Mosul Iraq's second largest city and the last bastions of what is known as organized Daesh terrorist."

He continued, We pay tribute to the heroes of the armed forces and the Holy crowd .. God bless your efforts that will be a turning point for the history of our people and the most promising source of pride for generations of our children

He also said, Those who confuse the Antsaratkm they should thank God before others because terrorism is hitting home and assaulted their children by others."

He pointed out that the nation's enemies do not want us to live in the life of the unit well-being and peace shades
School and saw that partisanship ignorance" behind those of irresponsible theories which can be found at some victories against our people. "

It also called for school reference, according to the statement, to maintain the blood of our martyrs to work for a united Iraq's future and without discrimination between the range and the other."

The top priority after the victory is to eliminate administrative corruption and discrimination and then build a nation of integrity and efficiency ended