The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the central bank has a big role to emerge from the financial crisis for the country
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Last updated 10/03/2017
- 13:50
Set up the House of Wisdom Department of Economic Studies panel scientific symposium, Thursday, on the implementation of private sector development in Iraq strategy requirements (2014 2030)
The seminar was attended by Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh financial advisor to the prime minister and professor Samir Nasiri, an economist and banking and a number of economists and bankers*
And Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh during the symposium on how strategic economic implement and apply them to the ground adding that the private sector is the backbone of the Iraqi economy and millions of citizens working within the private sector, calling out the importance of getting rid of the market gap through public sector cooperation and private in order to create a large market
He said Saleh, the Central Bank's role in saving the country from the financial crisis through the development of fiscal policy uncle of the federal budget and noted that 70% of the domestic and foreign debt is under control
For his part, economist and banker Samir Nasiri said that the reason for the lack of implementation of the economic strategy to visualize the lack of a clear implementation stressing that there are significant challenges facing the banking sector in Iraq after the financial and security crisis in the country
He said that should the private banking sector support through the control of the parallel market of Babavin, brokers and banking companies because they are the main reason for the rise in foreign currency rates and the development of laws by selling the currency window