Maliki preparing a coup to topple al-Abadi
02:17 PM
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Haroun Mohammed - Opinion Piece
It is no longer a whisper as it was in the past, since the weeks of political and parliamentary circles in Iraq is concerned, trading news that the Dawa party leader and head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki, is ready to remove Haider al - Abadi for prime minister to replace him, which is waiting for the end of the battle of the left pane of Mosul, and the exploitation of preoccupation with the joint forces and units of the fight against terrorism and pieces of pro - army of servants, to complete the liberation of the city and keeping the land in which, to strike was blocked by two contexts: parliamentary and military, is being prepared for them rapidly through the organization of meetings and the holding of new alliances and political polarization.

The Parliamentary context , to mobilize the largest number of MPs, would agree to withdraw confidence from Haider al - Abadi and bring down his government in accordance with the so - called "political majority", after al - Maliki succeeded during the last six months to fortify his coalition "state law" and prevent his deputies leak toward the pavilion or team Abadi, and attract deputies Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) and the movement for change and the group Islamic Kurdish, and the alliance with Saleem al - Jubouri and his new party "civil Rally for reform" and cooperation with the "solution" bloc headed by Jamal Karbouli, add to them a ten deputies from the system , " the year - Maliki , " and thus be a leader Dawa Party has ensured a majority of parliamentary and political comfortable, paving the way for his return to the presidency of the Council of Ministers and the formation of a new government will be the first tasks, encircling the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al - Sadr , a Shiite, and the isolation of the block "united" and its president , Osama Najafi , a Sunni, and the weakening of the Kurdistan Democratic Party , headed by Massoud Barzani , a Kurd.

As for the other parties and blocs, such as the Supreme Council led by Ammar al - Hakim, and the Virtue Party , led by Mohammed al - Yacoubi, and a coalition of "Iraq" led by Iyad Allawi, Maliki is optimistic and says , "they are free to" give them the Ministry of "fatty", ministries, and will come Mhrawlin.

With regard to the military context to be adopted by Nuri al - Maliki in the implementation of the scheme, who shall move the popular crowd forces and packaged so as to ensure the success of his coup after being practically become, head of the political wing of the crowd, as described by former MP Hassan Alawi, who believes that al - Maliki is coming, if you do not not now, in the next election strongly crowd strike and its votes, estimated by one million votes, especially since the crowd leaders managed by threats and pressure to convert their factions than just armed militias outside the law and the Constitution, to the official military institution public and political parties, enjoying the benefits and privileges and powers more than defense and interior ministries and greater than the combined forces and anti - terrorist units, the defendants that the Americans were founded by and chose their leaders and trail Anazarema.

Although Abadi , not far from the al - Maliki moves, and knows that the latter is restless and settle down , but his return to power again, but it is in an enviable position, as running silent again, and hints firmness at times, but in both cases can not take decisive action to restrict Maliki movement and prevent him from proceeding with his plans coup, for fear of a clash with the consequent repercussions on the volatile political scene.

Valebadi acknowledges that it is exposed to the attack say it is unfair and aimed at spoiling his government and embarrass him personally and hindered the implementation of the reforms the looks of it, is aware in advance that al - Maliki stalked him and he goes to jamming on his performance and show it as prime minister is weak. But the problem lies in his personality Abadi confused that lack of confrontation, and is well aware of the serious threat to his political future, which allowed the owners to play in the arena in accordance with the wishes and choices freely without the fear of one. This was evident last week when advocating his supporters Party instigated in Kut to receive Abadi , who visited the university, with shouts of prey, and leveled the Sadrist trend , which hastened its leader , Muqtada al - Sadr, to repudiate them praising Lakedr Abadi , describing him as a man of reform and the only term for corruption offenses, in response clear, it refuted the accusations of al - Maliki, and the granting of Abadi dose of support and assistance, and space to think about taking steps to help him curb his opponents revealed their purposes, but did not invest dose and leeway to serve his position, remained hesitant waiting respite will not come.

Since taking Abadi as prime minister in September 2014 events proved that al - Maliki indefatigable, organized in his approach to besiege Abadi and fabricating crises in front of his government and entered into the dangerous areas. For example , recently unveiled contacts made the call with the leadership of the "Bi Ka Ka" Turkish Kurdish party concentrated in Sinjar , west of Mosul , the party leader, and there are unconfirmed reports that the PKK fighters, paid a monthly salary of the popular crowd budget and receiving weapons and military equipment from its warehouse information. The goal of al - Maliki and clear, and is straining the Iraqi - Turkish relations , which subsided visit Ben Ali Yildirim , Turkish Prime Minister to Baghdad last month , and the success of his talks with al - Abadi. Maliki is himself, not others, instructed his ally , the National Union Party to take over the North Oil Company in Kirkuk, also said Kurdish MP Biriwan Khilani, to prevent the flow of Iraqi oil to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and pave the way for implementation of the project Kirkuk oil transport through the territory of Iran and ports.

Maliki does not want to Ebadi to continue as prime minister until the next parliamentary elections in April 2018, and attributed to him in a meeting with the leaders of the crowd in his office, was devoted to discuss the political issue of the majority, saying that al - Abadi "Sbiana" If the elections were held under the current government, and this transfer speech - to - Abadi from several sources. But the latter is still the illusion that Washington and reference Najaf with him, and violations that trigger undermine his government, even though he knows that Maliki can change his skin at any moment, because it is without principles or political and moral value.
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