Guidance from al-Maliki's PKK creating problems for the Kurdistan Region Kurdistan Region
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Guidance from al-Maliki's PKK creating problems for the Kurdistan Region
Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga forces Authority, the team Jamal Oamenka, that said the situation in Chenkal unchanged following the clash, which occurred between the Peshmerga Roژ forces (West Kurdistan) and the militant Kurdistan Workers Party, PKK, pointing to the absence of any agreement between the two sides, stressing at the same time to calm he returned to the situation in general.

Oamenka team, explained to (Basenyoz) by saying that the movements of the Peshmerga forces did after an incident last Friday stopped, and implemented so requested.

For his part, Serbest to Zquin, commander of the Peshmerga forces in Chenkal, for (Basenyoz) they are not with the fighting Kurdish Kurdish never, but what happened was the PKK is causing it, we have met them in the clash site and to demonstrate its good intentions and we are not with the fighting liberated five of the gunmen off we We may Asrnahm during the clash.

He continued by saying, our message to them (PKK) is clear: you must Aatdechloa Chenkal affairs in any way and that the authority to Ayatbrooa themselves there, and we want to vacate the city, because this is the land territory of Kurdistan.

He explained to Zquin saying, "We do not know what Aqraarham.bed sources are talking about collecting troops to fight a war, and if so Mavalo Vsihmlon are responsible for the results of that," pointing out that now exists is a cease-fire.

Turn Dean called, deputy commander of the Peshmerga forces Bchenkal's (Basenyoz) that the Peshmerga Roژ forces belonging to the forces Peshmerga Zervana which is under the command of the Ministry of Peshmerga and carried out what was required of it and is now present in Sowatrha between Khansour and hand complex years, saying that "the Peshmerga forces on its soil, a Kurdistan Region and the Kurdish areas, which does not need to take permission from any party and is driven by its reference in the Ministry of Peshmerga, and what happened in Chenkal was done and reaction, PKK militants opened fire on the Roژ Peshmerga forces, which in turn received them.

On the news about the introduction of PKK extra forces of armed men, he said the leader of the Peshmerga Bchenkal forces, saying, present his understanding of things and implementation agendas Maliki (former Iraqi Prime Minister and head of the Dawa Party) and took orders from him lose Alktar.modha saying "Open PKK trade route across the whole Barry Syria and impose taxes on everything that enters Khansour and years, as a way to open collaborators with al Daesh of the Arab component of ivory and Blige, and this is very dangerous because the organization can take advantage of this road whatever he wants. "

He also added, that the PKK is a follower of the popular crowd "and is directed by al-Maliki and the Sadr's Shiite him and this is no longer the need to prove the evidence

Stressing say, the PKK evacuation Chenkal it is not a struggle Square McCann really struggle if their goal.

This was a deputy of the Iraqi Kurdish parliament, has stated that the Authority popular crowd paid by a thousand armed militants of PKK forces in Chenkal (units Chenkal resistance), and that there are "militants of different nationalities" within these forces, including Turkish, Syrian and Russian.

MP for the city Chenkal Majid Chenkali, told (Basenyoz) that "every armed of those receiving 700 thousand Iraqi dinars a month (about $ 600), and that the salaries are sent to insurgents (Iraqi) of them, but the PKK the money department to give some of them to the armed men (not Iraqis) of different nationalities are not known. "

PKK and says that all armed men in Chenkal Yazidis are Kurds and the people of the region.

The New Middle East London, has said in a report on its issue last Sunday, she was able to get accurate information from the fighters in (units resistance Sinjar) about the characters who visited during the recently their headquarters, adding that they pointed out that the officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards constantly accompanied by the leaders of the "popular crowd" to come to their headquarters and meet their leaders, and argued that the past few days have witnessed many visits to military personnel from the "Qods force" Iranian officials, and that they had held several meetings, and then commands the fighters of the units were trying to exposure to the Peshmerga forces.