Lake Sawa investment provides thousands of jobs and financial revenues to the treasury if the check ..

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The Sawa Lake tourist site and a vital and effective project economically important, is part of what is left alive of the project, making it eligible to be a magnet for investment group of companies concerned to work in this vital area (tourism), to turn the lake and the other to a good tributary of the national economy and the state treasury.

This lake is located in the province of Muthanna (Samawa), and the water depth ranges where between four and five meters, and is characterized by its waters varying shades of dark green (near the banks) to blue (in the rear). The water level fluctuates between the dry season and humidity, but not dry because of the balance between the quantity of groundwater added and the amount of water evaporated, according to specialists, the Sawa unique lakes in the world due to its ability to be a tourist resort warm in the winter.

About the importance of the lake and its professor of history at the University of Muthanna Lamia heavenly said (range) that "Sawa Lake District, part of the easy gypsum, where land is characterized Balastewae extraversion and the increasing tendency degree in general from the northwest to the southeast rate is 2.7 meters in kilometers per she said, adding: above the lake between one to four meters from the adjacent land and have the ability to build the walls of salt (composed mainly of gypsum) surround the lake from all sides. these walls salt, which forms a barrier to prevent the lake from spilling over into neighboring territories. follow-up: adopted walls evaporate water saturated with salts in the edges of the shallow lake, and grow to a higher over time to become higher than the level of the lake, as the salt deposits are spread along the beach exhibition of sculptures artistic natural problem.

She heavenly, the University of Muthanna concluded earlier with Frey University of the German mind, a memorandum of understanding on the study of the nature of the desert and Lake Sawa in the province, has German university a comprehensive study to find out what its contents lake from living organisms with an indication of the extent of their ability to cope with this situation, stressing : that the university has multiple surveys to identify the causes of the lake's water changes also receding.

And on the importance the environment that could be used in tourism promotion chairman of the Environment Committee in the House of Muthanna province, Ali Hannoush reported (range) that the lake is not today as in the past, as people began in the city of Samawah and its surrounding areas are going to it for recreation and to rest and enjoy Bmnzerha noting that the provincial council "works to turn to Sawa important and vital tourist site by attracting a group concerned with corporate giants how to bring tourists from all over Iraq towards it after the completion of the designs according to a broad global planning." He expressed the readiness of the provincial council to cooperate and provide all the facilities for the next companies to serve all parties.

But Hannoush expressed surprise at the companies seeking to invest in Saveh, she says, "usually fail to reach a contract with us, in spite of the conclusion of previous agreements signed with them directly for them, sparking the ire of the Council for many years."

To that, the chief investment MIC just Yasiri in his speech (range) that the body will work to take advantage of the lake in the health and industrial areas, as well as tourism, "to be the best tourist attraction in Iraq," noting that, the Commission will provide all the legal facilities for new investors through joint cooperation with the local government and the provincial council to attract investors and not next to expel them, as happened previously, causing the loss of investment opportunities.

For his part, economist lion Muhammad Ali, the Lake Sawa is a tourist landmark unique being characterized by the characteristics of the task in the world is not only Iraq, adding: is the only lake in the world's water is higher than the ground around it level, which is the only lake in the world comprising the Kelsey giant pot in a desert sandstorm, and the composition of its water until fish is also transparent and unique fatty acids.

He added: So are considered promising for investment needs of the tourist establishments and roads passable and services and the promotion of the properties of these exotic lake which amounts to a deeper area where more than 250 meters a project which is deeper than the Gulf, making it a magnet for tourism and scientific research.

And it stresses that the lake as an attachment tourist economist can have when invested to provide direct employment opportunities for the unemployed to hundreds of sons of Muthanna province, following: as well as thousands of indirect employment by securing the needs of tourists from food, clothing and souvenirs, and invested properly can be entered in the list World Heritage and makes it a magnet for tourists.

Citizens demanded the government of the province of Muthanna and concerned worthwhile Lake Sawa, after growing demand from families and especially on holidays and special occasions, They confirmed that the site lacks the simplest what it needs from visiting restaurants and places of entertainment for children. He called citizen Sami Waeli in an interview (range) of local government to speed up the establishment of restaurants and parks, as well as swimming pools in various forms within the lake, because it has become a destination for families and teacher of tourism the most prominent in the province, pointing out the need to bring in investment companies that can work on the construction and reconstruction of Saveh Lake in all its details.

Shares citizen satisfaction Zarjaoa opinion Waeli, the need Sawa Lake Investment faster after draws many families to it, saying: that this great tourist attraction bear the guilt of negligence, officials, because of delays in investment and not to bring a solid investment firms to directly develop and enrich a lot of facilities It lacks, stressing that it could be for him to contribute to the mitigation of the effects of unemployment on young people in the province.