Mesopotamia warns citizens dealing with staff mediators to complete their transactions

09/05/2017 05:33 | Hits: 73


Rafidain Bank, warned Thursday, citizens from dealing with brokers to complete their transactions, calling his staff not to exploit job for personal gain or benefit.

Media Office said in a statement "trend" I got a copy of it to "bank invites citizens who have completed transactions go into a branch directly to update without the need for employee termination" has centered, stating that "end citizen treated himself will cut the road in front of some mischief or market commentators who exploit such situations to exploit citizens."

The Bank called on all employees to refrain from exploiting the job for personal gain or benefit to him or to others and expedite requests citizens fairly and impartially fair. "

Rafidain Bank began in 2016 to grant advances to staff of 10 million dinars in certain conditions and controls is to be who has the smart card activated.