Oil announces monthly final exports January and February

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The oil Ministry said total exports of crude oil and the final receipts for the last two months of January and February of this year 2017, issued by the Iraqi oil marketing company {Sumo}.

He said the oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement "" direction ", according to a copy of the total quantities exported for January 2017 past, 102 million and 939 1, 163 barrels, {two hundred million and nine hundred and thirty-nine thousand one hundred and sixty-three barrels} financial income amounted to 5 billion and 2 million and 329 thousand and $224 {five billion and two million, three hundred and twenty nine thousand twenty-four dollars and wemathtin}".

"The daily average reached {3 million and 320 1, 618 barrel} {three million, three hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and eighteen barrel}, quantities exported from the oil fields of the middle and South 101 million and 539 thousand and 581 barrels {hundred and one million, five hundred and thirty-nine thousand five hundred and eighty-one barrel}".

Jihad, "said Kirkuk exports for the month reached 1 million and 399 1, 582 barrels {one million and three hundred and ninety nine thousand, five hundred and eighty-two barrel}", adding that "the rate of sale price of $48/barrel reached 595 cents."

He noted that "total quantities exported for 91 million last February and 558 thousand and 868 barrels {Ninety-one million five hundred and fifty-eight thousand 800 m and 68 barrels} amounted to 4 billion revenues 514 million and $167, 000 102 {four billion five hundred and fourteen million and one hundred and sixty-seven thousand and one hundred and two dollars}, and the daily average of 3 million and 269 thousand and 960 barrels {three million and two hundred and sixty nine thousand and nine hundred and sixty barrel}.

"The quantities exported from Central and southern oil fields amounted to 90 million and 730 thousand and 734 barrels {ninety million seven hundred and thirty thousand and seven hundred and thirty-four barrel}

"The average selling price per barrel reached $49 303 cents, last month was the northeastern 28 days reflected on oil exports for the month compared with January.

Jihad noted that "the quantities exported uploaded by international companies of different nationalities from Basra ports walamih and unilateral buoys on the Gulf and the Turkish port of Ceyhan.