Fifth International Forum Sulaymaniyah continue its work

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Sulaymaniyah continued international forum to discuss the fifth post-Daesh and the future of the region and the political process in Iraq, the stage of his second day in a row.

The first session began, which carried the title "The government crisis and the need for reforms," ​​headed by Thamir Ghadhban, former oil minister.

Both Dr. Nawfal al-Hassan from the Office of the Prime Minister spoke at the meeting and Wamang Rahim adviser to Prime Minister in Kurdistan and Sherko Jawdat member of the regional parliament and Carrie Jersman chairman of the National Endowment for Democracy and Tamara Cofman of Middle East policy center.

The meeting addressed several issues pertaining to the required reforms in the political and economic spheres in the post-Daesh and implementation requirements

Noteworthy that the Iraqi private banks association participated in the forum with a delegation headed by President of the Association meek Handal at the invitation addressed to him by the president of the forum Dbarham favor.

It included in the second session, titled (job creation and sustainable economic growth) running Abdul Wahab bronchial of CIPE.

He spoke in this session include:

- Before Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister
Abd Aziz al-Issa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research .. Minister of Finance Agency

- Dr. Mahdi Keywords Secretary General of the Council of Ministers

-Douglas Suleiman Ambassador of the United States in Iraq

-Pied Jamal spokesman from the American University and chairman of the company Ed.

-Christaan ​​Van den Thorn, director of the Institute of Regional Studies and International / American University in Sulaimaniya

Speakers addressed the second session to discuss how to create jobs to achieve sustainable economic growth.