Representatives of the Iraqi private sector meet the International Monetary Fund
Since 08/03/2017
15:11 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Met with a delegation representing some economic organizations and a number of businessmen as representatives of the Iraqi private sector with a delegation of the International Monetary Fund for the purpose of discussing a number of important topics, the most important launch dues of contractors and suppliers late, farmers paid by the Iraqi government and the ways to solve this problem and the approval of the International Monetary Fund for a loan to Iraq for the payment of outstanding dues.
The two sides spoke of the ideas and extensive discussions took all aspects of this important and vital and influential in the movement of the market and work in Iraq subject was attended by the International Monetary Fund, both Christian coconut vice president of the Middle East Department, Central Asia and G.Maxime economic Noumon and, Ritu Basu economist The ascension Asim Hussain, deputy director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department and Amjad Hijazi economic Marwa Alencah resident Representative Ellen Kirkspa economic expert.
And on the Iraqi side of both Majid Saadi head of the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, and Ibrahim al-Baghdadi al-Masoudi head of the Iraqi Economic Council attended, and luxury Snava president of the Federation of Iraqi contractors, Saad Mohsen Nagy, secretary general of the Iraqi Council of business in Jordan and Mohammed Jawad Hadi al-Jubouri, a member of the Federation of Iraqi contractors, and Mackie Fayez Hussein teller a member of the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan and several other businessmen and businesswomen.
Christian coconut deputy head of the International Monetary the Middle East and the Asia Foundation have talked and wondered about: the possibilities that would increase state revenues, including direct taxes and indirect taxes and taxes on non-petroleum products, saying: Formerly fees customs between 5% -10%, and this method is not the correct way in which the revenues of customs rally, and it should change this way for up to 30%, the fastest gains and revenue comes from the organizing unit tax Almklvih this is achieved substantial revenue terms imposed on a slide traders Akabar.oan second point hiring freeze to the presence of a civilian administration flaccid, because high the proportion of employees in the civil service was a way to please others and employment without regard to efficiency, this system will lead to a deficit over the next 10 years, as there is still support for the share of the ration for all and must be limited to the poor.
He added that the electricity sold at less than cost, and must be reduced support for petroleum products, which fell due to lower world oil prices, but when high oil prices will be reconsidered this support.
He continued: As for the business environment in Iraq, it is more complicated for other countries and is slowing due to the lack of security and inadequate electricity and not to collect the dues and fulfilled.
He pointed out that: There is a major problem in Iraq, a weak banking sector and to strengthen our business must restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed and wide open space in front of the private banks must assess the weaknesses and the correct foundations for combating money laundering and could resort to the Integrity Commission and to specialized organizations such as the IFC.
Turning to that: there is an important element of the work by the government of helping the private sector and pay late dues has been a report in Arabic and English on the IMF website Aldoulibanoan (What is the strategy to address the arrears to global oil and gas Basra, the Ministry of Commerce for procurement of wheat and the electricity sector, in addition to the dues late Contractors). where must be audited and ensure its legitimacy first and what the government should do as there are 4 billion requires Sdadhahit will be paid 2 billion of the loan and the government pays billion order to ensure the receipt of each contractor 50% during 2017 and the remainder by 2018.
He said: applaud the progress made by BSA in auditing transactions that have not been audited two months ago during a meeting in Baku and listen now to the points that contribute to the upgrading of the economy and how you are going business compared to last year Did you see the sign for the economic recovery that we do not support the existence of two prices for the disbursement of the dollar and that taxes must be 30% have seen Jordan exempt from this tax on imported materials as well as Iran and Turkey, how is increasing state revenues.
Speaking next, Majid al-Saadi said that the State is the sponsor of the economy, and most traders dependent on the public sector and in the government was unable to pay dues has given it a negative message to the Iraqi and foreign construction companies and that there was no logical point of view the requirement of paying dues at once if the fear of corruption, it gives impetus to complete the audit of transactions for the purpose of receiving benefits in addition to the presence of 10,000 contract entitlements between 2-4 billion How are repaid at once.
For his part, Ibrahim al-Baghdadi al-Masoudi, said: the beginning I must thank you for guiding us to the invitation to attend this important meeting, Christian coconut Prime esteemed Fund delegation, I have listened carefully and a large concentration to talking about the goals and visions of the fund and is based on scientific and professional large .. Before asking worksheet attended specifically for this meeting, I would like to Jnabk Karim, from different point of view with Jnabk Quran in four false information Ttdharguet her for the purpose to be your knowledge about Iraq's true, namely: - First: that Iraq began levied customs tariff which has doubled its resources in some ports and points of customs to Aktrmen 30 times, for example, a yellowish center Alkmarki now levied daily billion Iraqi dinars, while the total levied entire month to exceed 700 million only, while the second paragraph (electricity) is also collecting electricity in Iraq nearly doubled to 20 twice in some cases, for example, the Babylon Hotel, a return to investors, members of us in the Council, one of the Al5star hotels in Baghdad, was to pay the Kahrbaelataatjaoz 20 million dinars, but now it has to pay in one month last summer of 460 million dinars, and the third that the Ministry of Electricity has referred the collection Iraqi and international electricity companies, under the investment contract, has started to show positive results clearly.
He said al-Baghdadi: The fourth paragraph Zzkrt that the ration card are still available to the businessmen and the rich and the senior staff, assure Jnabk it blocked all the businessmen and industrialists men and even young in years traders, as well as government officials, who have his salary nominal more than 1.5 million dinars per month, and now allow me start the paper, ((Iraq the only country in the world and throughout history, who played in just 37 years 6 wars and Hsartaiwil long as 13 years, while the first in 1980 when the first Gulf war with Iran, and that 8-year war and the second International war in 91 to liberate Kuwait began the third war, brutally beaten and abortion people uprising in 91 and then the siege, which began in 1990 after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and did not end until the year 2003, and the fourth International war to eliminate the former regime in 2003, and the fifth of Iraq's war on terrorism baseband led by Zarqawi, since 2005 until 2010 and the sixth the current war launched by Iraq against terrorism Aldaasha led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to liberate their land and holy places,
which began in 2014 and up to now. every war which destroyed hundreds of educational and health institutions and water plants and sewage systems, bridges, schools and oil facilities and other was accompanied by the martyrdom and death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, which significantly affected the progress and development of Tnumeihalmwardalepeshrah in Iraq, so we hope and expect from the world-friendly financial organizations discreet, particularly the international Monetary Fund and world Bank to put Iraq at the top of the list of countries that are providing care and financial and technical support to them, especially since Iraq is fighting terrorism for the world, there are inevitably ratio is expected from the terrorists who are fighting in Iraq will go after their defeat of course to another and possibly including countries in Europe, America and the rest of the world, but the same when this terrorist killed or captured or injured Basabh.anthy