Abadi: citizen would give up on democracy if the power struggle continued gains
[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister warned, Haider al - Abadi, the Iraqi citizen of the abandonment of democracy if the political forces continued in the conflict of interests and gains
Ebadi said during his speech forum to Sulaymaniyah fifth sponsored by the American University in the province in the presence of a large number of political leaders call on the political forces to greater unity citizen watching and if he saw that the efforts of the political forces are to their interests and gains only options other than democracy and we do not want to return to dictatorship "noting that" corruption does not reduce damage from terrorism but leads him. "
He added that " the political, sectarian and ethnic differences turned out to be a disability and that our victory in the war will not be realized unless our unity and today for the first time Iraqi forces fighting alongside the Peshmerga and may not be for us a security force for the party or the sect or nationality and call for unification Iraqi forces
Abadi said We are trying to convert the disputed areas to the agreed - upon ages and is governed by its people, including Mosul " stressing that the unity of Iraq
He stressed that "the fighting in Mosul have no interest in the city expressing his hope that "These are enormous sacrifices eloquent us a lesson to move forward pointing out that our battle fateful and Daesh not Tsarana for power and positions, but threaten our existence
The new prime minister his call to community reconciliation between the members of the community and must return all minorities in Mosul to their home areas " adding that he does not make sense to win the war without a win the peace
He stressed , We do not want there to be repressive organs of the state and the dictatorship in power noting that we are proud of our diversity and our differences but we should not turn political differences to impede the progress of society and the element of " g and continued Abadi dealing with neighboring countries and the region on the basis of common interests, adding the world sided with Iraq in its war against terrorism and all nations have found interest in our support
He called on "countries of the region to cooperate against terrorism war of Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq is still producing only a form of terrorism
He noted , We want to build an army to protect Iraq from any internal threat or external and will not hesitate to strike sites of terrorism in neighboring countries threatening the security of Iraq and we used it in Syria and we targeted sites for booby - trapping the wheels are to be sent to Iraq
He congratulated Abadi far women" expressing his hope that women are the leaders of political parties calling for "universities to have a role in the formation of the future and we want to be leaders of the university graduate community and not to restrict its role on the academic side
Abadi also called universities to conduct in depth studies on the problems of society