Central Bank branch in Mosul assesses damage after its liberation from Daesh
Economy News / Follow-up
Last updated 03/08/2017
- 11:12
Iraqi Central Bank announced its intent to develop a plan to assess the damage to its branch building in Mosul on the right coast after its liberation from Daesh terrorist gangs.

According to a statement to inform the bank that "the CBI tournaments salutes the armed forces in all its formations in the liberation of Mosul most recently receiving the news editor Iraqi Central Bank branch in the province of Nineveh
The central bank pointed out that it will coordinate with the concerned authorities to prepare necessary to assess the damage the plans for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the branch at the announcement of the completion of liberation and victory over the terrorist groups
The rapid reaction of the Interior Ministry forces had liberated the day CBI branch of the right side of the city of Mosul
Federal police forces also freed important government buildings including the Office of Nineveh province in Ayman Mosul.