Jabouri to form a competent court in a move away from political corruption files [extended]

2017/3/8 18:42


Invited speaker Selim Jabouri, Wednesday, to form a competent court in detecting corrupt files away from political influences.

Jabouri said in a speech at the Forum on cultural each agency pursued Iraq Sulaymaniyah [where] "time to move all the files of corruption far from political influences and the formation of a Special Court for that and the fate of Iraq's money lost in 14 years, and eliminate regulatory institutions, notably Parliament full responsibility."

The speaker stressed the need to "prepare for a national reconciliation project and operational procedures settlement in administrative and economic aspects of reform and Government service and proceed to ntvizeha away from political influences," pointing out that "we imposed the ISIS redefining a lot of old political and administrative terms, including definition of sovereignty and systematic breaking fences."

He noted that "the executive authorities shall ensure the return of all displaced persons to their areas after the restoration of basic services as quickly as possible," Noting that "the concept of Homeland Security began taking a new character, how they communicate with the ocean to save yourself."

"The war on ISIS will soon envelope political conflict phase starts waving guns, especially those who owned the weapon recently, so we should prepare for this stage

"It was necessary to hold a Special Conference of national reconstruction and reconciliation once to believe community stability political stability, coherence and the need to be sponsored by all international parties to monitor the implementation of what is agreed on this Conference before the elections for at least six months to ensure a positive atmosphere from all segments of the Iraqi people."

He noted the need to reconsider the electoral law to ensure that genuine representatives access to Parliament and provincial councils are able to express the spirit of the people and that this law be able to prevent the influence of partisan influence on election results by political money that seeks to devour the major share of State institutions. "