The Guardian: The joint forces launched incursions into the most heavily guarded areas Daesh

08/03/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 71 - Issue (3871)

After nearly three weeks on the last pages of the battle of Mosul, Iraqi forces began to push deeper into the areas most entrenched and dangerous in the crumbling city.

The battles of the weekend of the fiercest fighting yet, where Maj. Gen. Haider said of the federal police that "militants Daesh sent at least six car bombs have all been destroyed before it reaches our troops and the gunmen moved from house to house for the deployment of snipers."

A statement to the Rapid Response Units He said the units very close to the government buildings in the old city, and added that the troops seized a neighborhood southeast Aldndan government complex, while the thrust and counter-terrorism units in the neighborhoods of Tel pomegranate and withstand southwest compound.

Earlier on Monday, Iraqi forces seized control of the Freedom Bridge, which leads to the old city center from the south.

With the fighting raged, the displacement of people west of Mosul, the movement has accelerated in recent days with the approach of fighting one of the most densely populated areas, also expressed relief agencies concerned of the fullness of displaced people fleeing the camps of the city, where the number of displaced people since the start of an attack of Mosul, 206 thousand up to Sunday, adding to 164 thousand in the previous week, according to the international Organization for migration.

It is expected that the number will rise to fatigue from private resources with the arrival of a long summer too hot. Civilians fleeing braved Sunday Daesh snipers and explosives planted in the ruins of the neighborhood on the edge of the government-controlled area, which is pressing the Iraqi forces intensified their offensive, they are rushing toward military sites.

Troops in front of a maze of tunnels and fortifications by the gunmen Ahaiunha over the past two years. And above that area Nouri Mosque, which is a prominent symbol of the control group at Mosul, where it announced the organization's leader al-Baghdadi himself Khalifa is located mid-2014.

According to intelligence agencies that surrounding the mosque area is still important for the leaders of Daesh most of whom left Mosul, leaving defending ordinary gunmen through trapping and explosives, ambushes and brutal unrestrained of using civilians as human shields in addition to the suicide bombers and the use of chemical weapons by the medical staff.

The group has already used chemical weapons in the early time of the war, when launched bombs containing chlorine and other materials on the Kurdish forces north of Mosul, it was also used last year's mustard gas in Syria.

Despite obtain Iraqi forces a foothold, the restoration of what is left of the city probably will not take place before the next two months, according to an Iraqi military commander, where he said, "We are fully prepared for this, but they are also ready. This is the most difficult battles, and it will be difficult to win without causing a lot of destruction and loss. "