The Committee on Economic Affairs prevented the import of medical products manufactured locally

08/03/2017 03:49 | Number of Views: 59

Direction Press / Baghdad

I decided to Committee on Economic Affairs, on Wednesday, preventing the importation of medical products produced counterparts in the State Company for Textile Industries and the leather of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in support of the national product

A statement by the Ministry of Planning got "direction Press" a copy of it, that "the Committee on Economic Affairs, its seventh meeting held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili and membership of the Ministers of Finance, Industry and Agriculture, agents and ministries of oil - planning - Higher Education and Scientific Research, while the Commission hosted the Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Salah and a number of general managers in the ministry as well as hosting Advanced angel in the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. "

The statement said that "the Commission directed the reconstruction of the affected areas fund terrorist operations work to provide the necessary funds for the reconstruction of universities in the liberated areas as this has a positive impact on the stability of citizens and accelerate the normalization of life in those areas."

It pointed out that "the Committee also decided that the Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities in coordination with the National Investment Commission to re-declare the apartment complex building in Aeltagyat project as an investment opportunity."