The sentenced native Bank Manager very inconsistent with the conditions of the currency auction


Fair body, announced Wednesday, was sentenced in absentia to imprisonment of one year strong Director of one private banks with bind fine, its lack to manipulate currency auction procedures conducted by the Central Bank of Iraq.

The Commission said in a statement that "the competent Misdemeanors Court integrity issues and money laundering and economic crime in absentia eliminated extreme confinement for one year the Managing Director of a civil and obliging banks fined for manipulation of currency auction procedures conducted by the Central Bank of Iraq".

The investigation service said the "integrity, condemned (g. g) taken, during the duration of the civil responsibility for managing a bank filled, to breach the involvement of banks in an auction to buy and sell foreign currency, which requires participants to import goods for currency purchased at auction", stating that "the investigations proved that the Bank had not imported goods for amounts purchased from the Central Bank.

She noted that the Court, as a result, available evidence and proof and having considered the testimony of the legal representative of the Central Bank, which did not request the complaint against the defendant to the Bank to pay fines incurred debt amounting to over seventy million, reached a sufficient conviction to criminalize befell actively based on article 19/4 of the money laundering Act No 93 of 2004.0

She drew the integrity that the "verdict against convicted fugitive guarantee plus extreme confinement two paragraph obliging guilty fine of ten million dinars, and giving the right affected by filing a civil suit for compensation.

The parliamentary Finance Committee was revealed in November 2016, described as "obscene profits" achieved through the window of private banks sell at the Central Bank, indicating that banks receive half a billion dinars a day through the window.