Rafidain Bank reveals a new mechanism for granting an advance of 10 million

Business & Finance Wednesday 08 March 2017 time 11:16

BAGHDAD / Sky Press

Rafidain Bank revealed, Wednesday, for a mechanism to grant an advance ten million dinars for the staff of state departments are cross-localization of their salaries in electronic accounts to facilitate banking services for them.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received "Sky Press," "The bank stresses the importance of resettlement of the employees' salaries electronically to facilitate the granting of loans and advances and other banking services in accordance with legal procedures for the controls."

The statement added that "this step comes to maintain public money and to adopt uniform standards and controls to ensure fairness and transparency for all employees in order to improve the reality of the banking and access to the application necessary to improve the work of banks and international standards."