Parliamentary economy stresses constant in Iraq exceeded suffocating financial

07/08/2017 01:45 | Hits: 4327


The Parliamentary Commission of economy, revealed on Tuesday, bypassing Iraq almost suffocating financial crisis ravaging the country due to low oil prices and the waste of public money.

Najib ngibih Committee Member said in an interview for "direction" Iraq overcome severe financial crisis due to high oil revenues and prices after the price was under $20 and now between 48 $49 until becoming more what is installed in the budget and is $45.

Najib said that operating expenses which amounted to a month more than 10 trillions now financial and administrative reform and the IMF operational expenditures decreased in accordance with the principle of Exchange has become absolutely necessary.

The war effort against ISIS was consumed considerable funds but after reaching the final stages of this war, I was spending a positive at this stage, saying that the economic situation in General is still not good, because we need to rebuild areas that released, in addition to implementing the stalled project task.

The Central Bank announced Sunday that Iraq overcome the financial crisis and the days ahead were promising, noting that lamkhaov on hard currency reserves dip.

The Iraqi Central Bank Adviser, said Waleed Idi Amin, in a press statement that "a crisis austerity and fiscal deficit as a result of lower oil prices in the recent period had ended and Iraq overcome the financial crisis and the coming days augurs well."

"Iraq will become a country of foreign investments as a result of competing foreign international companies to invest in re ruined cities after restoring from ISIS.