Drawers banks and money transfer company in the Iraq Stock Exchange

(Independent) .. Iraq Stock Exchange announced two banks and money transfer companies to include the number of listed companies in the market to be generally 100 companies.

Executive Director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said that the Securities Commission approved the Governors of the Iraq Stock Exchange Council resolutions at the inclusion of three companies after the completion listing requirements, noting that it would be on the Iraq Stock Exchange obtaining international number of trading each ISIN company for the purpose of opening statements on electronic systems for trading and central depository stations and electronic trading.

According to Abdel-Salam said the three companies are (Ceyhan Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance, and the Bank of the Islamic world for investment and financing, and United Financial convertible), referring to pursue other joint-stock companies for inclusion in the coming months in collaboration with the Iraqi Central Bank and the Securities Commission by the Board of Governors.

He explained that it would be the three companies complete listing requirements and deposit of the register of shareholders for the purpose of approving the launch of trading in its shares on the market by the shareholders and investors, stressing that the number of listed companies in the Iraqi market for securities companies upon registration and deposit is completed by these companies become (100) listed company.