Experts reveal new Daesh strategy in Mosul

Il Giornale March 7, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

The deployment of the Russian site Sputnik report on sources within the city of Mosul reported that Owamra issued for the leaders of the so-called "Caliphate Army" program for "Daesh" ordering them to withdraw immediately to the city of Raqqa, indicating that the orders issued by the military leadership in tenderness to the rest of the leaders in the Nineveh province to withdraw and gather their ingredients and the evacuation and burning their headquarters as soon as possible.

He said the military expert, Dr. Ahmad Sharifi Agency that "Daesh" elements in the left coast of Mosul under siege, but there are some elements of the organization outside the geographical area that introduction of the principle of isolation and encirclement, the decision "Daesh" withdrawal to the Syrian tenderness city includes pockets of the organization that they were in the exposure of the Iraqi forces to break the siege imposed on the organization in the right coast. This means that the organization more or less demanding elements of the military to leave the Iraqi theater of operations, and this does not mean the demise of the threat, but the start of a new stage threaten security by moving the regulation of sleeper cells. "

He Sharifi "After that the organization realized that the isolation and encirclement will be on the right coast, understand that the fighting in this coast would be suicidal, so the task leaders left the theater of military operations and kept the fighters field leaderships, the latter going either to surrender or be killed, and many of them have been to kill him, those who were asked to leave their remote commanders of the military theater of operations. "

And Iraqi forces plan to edit the right coast of Mosul, which pushed the elements of the organization to collapse and escape says military expert pro Algehiche told "Sputnik", "The progress of the Iraqi forces in the past two weeks, quick and strong, so the organization" Daesh develop a strong repelling in the southern axis line , knowing the progress of Iraqi forces across that axis. After Iraqi troops crossed the bulwark that has become a government complex on the range of Iraqi forces fire, knowing that repel "Daesh" strong line that used the organization of improvised explosive devices and car bombs and the damage was done in the liberated neighborhoods reached 75% as defended "Daesh" for these neighborhoods furiously, "Valohia edited by Iraqi forces is a semi-modern neighborhoods, where those neighborhoods established in the fifties of the last century, but the neighborhoods that followed are very old neighborhoods, even if goes the battle on like this we will see a comprehensive destruction in these old neighborhoods." .

He Algehiche "completely different Iraqi forces strategy in the liberation of the right side of the connector on the left counterpart, as the battle geographic differ on the left coast, which has a modern neighborhoods, while the right coast featuring overcrowded and old neighborhoods, and plan progress from one axis in the right coast that led to this destruction in the city, even if the Iraqi forces entered from more than one axis of what we have witnessed a battle of this magnitude, and the Mosul residents say that the rest of the elements of the organization in the right coast, less than a thousand fighters, but local fighters have abandoned their weapons and melted in residential neighborhoods, this was confirmed by the commander in the fight against terrorism, a team Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi when he announced the deaths of more than a hundred element of "Daesh" all of whom are foreigners. "