The United States will receive 50 thousand refugees in 2017
[Where - Baghdad]
announced a senior administration official told reporters Monday, March 6 / March that the United States will receive 50 thousand refugees this year , fiscal 2017.

The official said: After the resumption of the work program of refugee reception will not increase the number of people who will be allowed to enter the United States as refugees 500 thousand people US President Donald Trump and issued a new executive order prohibits refugees entry to America and will be valid starting from the March 16 / this March, also prevents the resolution also citizens of Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Sudan from entering the United States, for 90 days and write off Iraq which it was covered by the previous decree, the new document.
Mentioned prohibition does not apply to citizens of the mentioned countries who have a valid visa to the United States issued before 27 January or they stay in the United States permit The decree also suspended for 120 days refugee reception program but does not include refugees who have obtained permission to enter the United States before the issuance of the decree
Walls noted that former President Barack Obama's administration had planned to receive about 110 thousand refugees in 2017