Kirkuk, home to 500 thousand unemployed and 150 stalled projects

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Of oil stocks around the "13 billion barrels", in addition to economic resources, agricultural, industrial and other important not invested well, according to experts in the economy to be a tributary important to revive the country's economy, and raise for its people suffering poverty and the spread of weapons because of the attraction of the different political currents around. It is the city of Kirkuk fraternity and coexistence as they are called, but today going through an economic crisis, it complains contractors and farmers from non-payment of dues, and members Bcilha assert the existence of five thousand unemployed, after a hiatus of 150 important project, displaying their surprise, not to set up oil refinery or the airport just like the other Iraqi governorates, as they claim the government of the need to pay dues to maintain within the financial plan of petro dollars that have not acted since June 2013 to mid-2015, amounting to Trliuna and 200 billion dinars, and affected the vital projects.

In this regard says Kirkuk deputy governor for technical affairs Ali Hammadi, said that the financial crisis and the challenges faced by the Kirkuk after receiving more than 650 thousand displaced people and share local resources with fleeing from the oppression of Daesh terrorist. However, he noted: In exchange is not justice to the province of Kirkuk and disbursement of financial dues, forcing it to stop the implementation of 150 projects, with a stop work seven thousand contracted with the province and its departments, most of whom are graduates and young professionals, have been laid off due to lack of financial liquidity and stopped dozens of projects, it which produced our 5000 unemployed.

It goes Hammadi, now we are embarking on a liberalization of Hawija and Kirkuk areas south and west, all of which need reconstruction and strategic projects of infrastructure and service and government buildings. Following up: with the need to re-displaced people to their areas in order to reduce the burdens that we face by the IDP crisis that has burdened the province administration departments services in water, electricity, roads and hospitals sectors.

And it confirms the deputy governor of Kirkuk, for technical affairs: that Kirkuk has suffered from neglect since 2006, there promises to the province of Kirkuk, the establishment of a large oil refinery capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day. Adding: has the competent committees worked to locate it was preparing feasibility studies and plans for laboratory tests and a study by the company, "Shao" that created at the same time refineries in the provinces and given included tours of licenses and transmitted investment ventures. Stressing: With Kirkuk remained the same without the establishment of the refinery, while it was better for the establishment of the refinery which includes being the first oil well in Iraq since the thirties of the last century.

It continues Hammadi: We Despite the ongoing meetings and delegations that Kirkuk visited with economic commissions, but he did not notice any reaction or serious in the establishment of the refinery, so we have not seen any serious in supporting the old refinery in Kirkuk, adding expansion modules to improve gasoline card 70 thousand barrels, Mstrsla even now the oil city of Kirkuk to import gasoline to meet the need, and after the events Daesh in June 2014, the province passed a tough fuel crisis, however, is now processed from Daura in varying amounts of up to 450 thousand liters per day intermittently. Noting: that the continuous interruptions taking place in the road to Baghdad - Kirkuk because the unemployed and truck drivers protest, influenced in the arrival of fuel to Kirkuk.

Deputy governor of Kirkuk, for technical affairs, also indicates that the deliberate marginalization of this city, also demonstrated other projects, where neglected the establishment of a new airport in Kirkuk or even talk about the development of the old site, despite the economic importance of the province and its location is important, while we see airports that arise other provinces.

And stresses, not to mention the neglect of various aspects, such as delaying disbursement 111 billion dinars as receivables peasants of Kirkuk for more than three seasons, although the province is one of the leading agricultural sector provinces, including the cultivation of grain crops marketed "to silos," the Ministry of Commerce it is wrong to neglect, persisting saying, from On the other hand, the province of other financial dues within the petrodollar plan, has not acted since June 2013 and up to mid-year 2015, up to a trillion and 200 billion Iraqi dinars.

To announced that the cultivation of Kirkuk circle, on Monday announced the arrival of dues peasants and farmers in Kirkuk, amounting to 79 billion and 200 million dinars for the implementation of complete them fish for the winter wheat crop season plan, while direct confirmed in a distributed through banks in the city.

On the other hand says the governor of Kirkuk for reconstruction adviser Abdul Karim Hassan Rafiq, said that the implementation of the projects contribute to strengthening and consolidating the integration and interdependence of community and coexistence between the components of Kirkuk, Valjama common goal is the reconstruction of Kirkuk and to meet the needs of their citizens of water, electricity and road projects without discrimination between the neighborhood and another or a citizen and another, pointing out: that Kirkuk received in early 2016 to the end of the nearly "75 billion dinars within the petrodollar allocations from the Kurdistan region.

he stressed: he has been through it to complete the implementation of 22 of 12, 18 and 32 schools description, also initiated the completion of the bridge," Shiu Wall "and" martyr Sherko Huani "link between Kirkuk and Erbil through Tqq and Koysanjaq a vital strategic bridges alongside the initiation of sexual complete buildings and building preservation.

However companion: But in exchange, the total received by the province of Kirkuk operating budget for the year 2016 from the federal government only one billion and 200 million dinars, a figure that does not equal the value of cleaning one residential neighborhood in the province, according to the word companion, Mstrsla: While Kirkuk allocations Kurdistan region within the petrodollar plan contributed to the payment of large parts of the dues contractors Kirkuk who have large debts to the constituencies of the governorate and we could not be paid because of the dues from the federal government exchange, noting: that one of the most important strategic projects being implemented after the allocation of funds from the Kurdistan region for road project Holi a twin-aisle length up to 27 km, which connects the southern entrances to Kirkuk, Northern Area without passing through the city center, a project stopped in the last period of his lack of customization.

Contractors complain about lack of financial dues of up to tens of billions of dollars exchange rate, as the contractor says dominated Abdullah, we as contractors we have a model in patience and continue our work despite the lack of financial sums that reach tens of billions Exchange, and this is not tolerated by one. Wondering: We do not know when to payment of these receivables. Stressing: that their work requires the provision of funds for the completion of projects that have started out years ago.

He said Abdullah: We want to local or central government provide us with the necessary facilities for the success of our work. We are working very exceptional circumstances dangerous, demanding: the need to pay dues to contractors to complete their work service for the city and its citizens, if someone is keen on the development of the province.

To that describes an expert on economic affairs just Zainal Abidin Ibrahim, the province of Kirkuk, the camel that carries gold and take something from him, persisting: with the city of Kirkuk, the richest in terms of resources, but suffers from the sufferings through the huge number of unemployed youth, and this is as It affects the economy is also affecting the entire economy of the country, stressing: if the Iraqi government wants to strengthen its economy, it should strengthen the oil-producing provinces economy, including Kirkuk, which will help preserve the fabric and the strengthening of the economic and social realities, through the ages, which provides employment opportunities for their children.