British commander reveals the fate of "Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi": Mosul on the verge of liberation
Twilight News
11 Hours Ago

Twilight News / detectors Gen. Robert Jones, commander of the British forces, which are fighting organization "Daesh" in the territory of Iraq, that the majority of the group's leaders, were killed, adding that the connector on the verge of liberation, which would make the defeat of the terrorist group in Iraq "inevitable" .

Jones confirmed that the remaining militants alive are about 1,500 fighters trapped in the western areas, in Iraq's second city, which was declared by the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of "Daesh," an Islamic caliphate in the Nuri mosque in 2014. He pledged the coalition led by the United States to prosecute leaders "Daesh" and eliminate the "head of the snake."

Jones added that al-Baghdadi is the head of the group and their leader, top, and to our knowledge, in the light of information received about him, he is still alive, but the vast majority of his aides were killed. He knows very well that if they were to locate him, his life will end very quickly and will be the end of the previous premature. "

It stressed the International Organization for Migration (IOM), that more than 45 thousand people were forced to flee from Mosul in the past two weeks. Jones, the deputy commander of coalition forces and military planners revealed that the Americans and the British, communicated by telephone with Russian officials, to ensure the preservation of the distances between the planes, and each other through the complex battles in Syria.

And destroyed two of the British Royal Air Force, a tank for "Daesh" in the city of Palmyra, where the armed group fighting the Syrian government forces and special forces Russian, and militias backed by Iran, and three days later, was restored combatants "Daesh" historic for the city for the second time. Coalition aircraft carried out more than 20 air strikes across the ruin in the past two weeks, which operate in the same airspace Russian Ka -52 attacking helicopters.

He explained Jones, the son of Colonel H. Jones, that the interest had to work with the Russians to aviation safety and the safety of the ground, so we communicate with the Russians to make sure we will not we cause harm to each other. "

It is believed that many of the fighters in the ranks of the "Daesh" of foreigners, including British extremists - who have been killed, at least three of them in or near the city in recent weeks. Among them was Jamal al-Harith, born Ronald Fiddler, from Manchester, who detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base last month.

Jones said any British fighters will be arrested will enter the Iraqi judicial system and the British government, and then continue with Baghdad if they want to reach out to these individuals.

Militants have used along with armored vehicles and car bombs and snipers, unmanned drones armed with hand grenades to slow down the progress of the Iraqi forces. The spread video posted on the Internet shows the unmanned planes drop bombs through the gates on armored vehicles.

Jones continued, "that the aircraft attacks from drones, although it is a" serious threat ", but it is a sign of desperation." They will not win the war by dropping a small hand grenades from the sky. "And leave" Daesh "small cells of fighters behind enemy lines in eastern Mosul, attacks, but Iraqi forces to deal with this threat.