Economic feasibility of Mosul Dam focus of attention of experts 6/3/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Shokran Fatlawi
guest of the Institute of the progress of the development policies and Water Resources Minister Dr. Hassan al - Janabi and engineer consultant Hisham artillery at a symposium devoted to discussions of the reality of the Mosul Dam and economic repercussions, being one of the largest dams Iraq and stores around more than 50 percent of the water, with a storage capacity 31 percent.
Thus it contributes to the implementation of agricultural plans, as well as the prevention of floods and generate electricity, not to mention being an important tourist landmark, which requires the continuation of the technical processing and monitor the behavior of the dam and stability.
And it initiated the symposium word Institute Dr. manager. Mehdi al - Hafez said , during which the plug connector can be a development project and economically promising , if available conditions necessary factors for its success, pointing out that the dam was created in a political circumstance relatively offbeat consequent wide concern because of the weakness of the technical foundations that have been adopted in the creation of his at the time.
He added that public concern intensified about the future of the dam because the consequences arising from the collapse of a major threat to the country 's economy and the safety of citizens alike.
For his part, Minister of Water Resources d. Hassan al - Janabi "After the liberation of Mosul Dam headed the government effort under the supervision of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi to address the shortcomings as the ministry signed with" Trevi Italian company "contract for the maintenance of the dam, and the subsequent agreement to oversee the company 's business.
He conducts business currently tripartite partnership has made achievements important in the way of enhancing the safety of the dam , including open the gate guard and maintenance gates endocrine and spend Lower ports, accompanied by a comprehensive renovation of the tunnel Overstuffing electrically and mechanically, not to mention training Iraqi operators on modern equipment, as well as the import and installation of injection systems and Overstuffing, which is being run them at all inside the tunnel and outside in agreed places continuously for 24 hours.
He said al - Janabi , since the eighties of the last century created the neighboring countries , a network large dams have led to a decline in Iraq 's revenues and water, as the construction work of those dams in neighboring countries have been without Iraqi approval and turning the country into a negative recipient of the outcome measures and activities in the Upper Mesopotamia.
He said the modern Iraq was established by major enterprises to control and control of the Rafidain water increased the percent large origin, including the Mosul Dam on the Tigris River, Haditha Dam on the Euphrates River , as well as other dams set up at an earlier periods LXDE Dokan and Derbandikhan Indian and Sedat Walcott and system Habbaniyah and Ramadi Barrage and others.
He said that since the establishment of the dam, the site contains high concentrations of gypsum soils exposed to Dhubat in water which requires gloss blanks left by melting and closing textured concrete indicating that the treatment dams are common in the world and there are dozens of dams m being addressed in this way , including more than fifty dams in the United States.
For his part , the consulting engineer Hisham artillery talked about the economic implications of Mosul Dam , saying research in Mosul Dam project and projects quench the island, is important for the Iraqi economy 's future proposal to the need to benefit from storage in the lake as much as what can of water and the development of the uses of the three irrigation island projects to meet the local market needs to be Ri northern island of large plantations project is a response to the requirements of some of the needs of the Iraqi market. And the allocation of irrigation project east island to produce crops for export of flowers, fruits, vegetables and animal husbandry Kalognam and poultry or poultry meat and exported to world markets.