Altercations between the Liberal and chairman of Baghdad, during a session to choose a new governor 06/03/2017 13:32 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Reporter / balances News / Monday, the occurrence of altercations between the Liberal bloc and chairman of Baghdad on the selection of the new governor said.
The reporter said, "The verbal altercations occurred between members of the Liberal bloc in the Baghdad and President of the Council Riad dentex in a hearing today on the selection of a new governor
He said our correspondent, that "*dentex demanded to postpone the meeting of the Council and that the Liberals refused to do so and promised a legal violation and demanded the completion of the meeting for the purpose of voting* to choose a conservative."
He pointed out, that "the Liberals also demanded the presence of a judge in the Administrative Court to oversee the proceedings of the meeting."
The Head of State of Law bloc in the House of Baghdad Atwan Atwani, the most prominent candidate for governor instead of the article on Altmima.anthy