Interior recommends that more than 150 million dinars to the state treasury
at 12:52 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
It announced the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry on Monday, for the return of more than 150 million dinars to the state treasury pointing to prevent the waste of more than 11 million last
According to the monthly report of the Directorate of audit and financial control of private office to the overall activities of the audit for the month of February it received / balances News / copy of it "it was re (77,496,600) dinars to the state treasury noting that "the Directorate recommended that (71,165,790) dinars another, and prevented waste (11,930,700) dinars, too
The report added that the directorate was able to follow up the implementation of the 18 contracts within the investment plan of the ministry during the month and 57 contracts within its operational plan pointing out that it checked 191 treatment within the internal oversight functions
He pointed out that "the Directorate formed during the month, 11 board and auditing committee took it upon themselves to issues within the annual audit plan and the amounts returned to previous years and the orders of the Supreme references
Among the monthly report, that "the Directorate checked during the month, 14 special contract in the ministry and their formations and they showed her mind 47 council investigative and 45 referred to it issue through inspections Baghdad Directorate and 40 other inevitably the issue of provincial inspection directorate .anthy