Designations or labels opportunities for engineers in the oil Ministry.

2017/3/6 18:57 509 time its read

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Minister Jabbar allaibi, Monday, oil companies to examine their need of engineering disciplines.

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency has received {Euphrates news}, version allaibi, "instructed oil companies in oil, North, Central and southern Misan studying engineering disciplines actual need statement immediately to take action for appointment on strength by taking advantage of vacant degrees according to the movement of an Angel."

He said, "oil companies need to accelerate the announcement through the media if the vacancy," said the Ministry's eagerness to absorb all the engineering colleges and institutes graduates oil to supplement this vital sector with new blood is keen to participate in the development of the oil industry. "

"The Ministry will not give up caring for their children by providing jobs and recruitment although the federal budget for 2017 did not provide grades and financial allocation to the Ministry due to financial constraints and the economic situation of Iraq."

And the statement that "the Ministry already announced last year about 159 set an engineer and works Ministry stakeholders to provide opportunities to absorb college graduates of engineering specialties and directive to oil companies betainhm on mlaktha and without reference to the Ministry when advertising opportunities".