Hajj Commission for "Economy News," We demand transport door open competition for conductors Air confirms our prices are very suitable

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Hajj and Umrah Department of Transportation Authority demanded that opens the door to other appropriate vector and not limited to a single carrier, indicating that our prices are very suitable when compared to other countries.

A spokesman for the Authority Hassan Fahad Al-Kanani said in an interview for "Economy News", the previous period, particularly during the holiday half a year for schools Tlkit Iraqi Airways move the pilgrims to the Holy Land because of the size of pilgrims compared to the available aircraft the company is unable Alyalkthren go and completing Umrah on Although the Commission provided them with preparing and confirmed that the number of aircraft not enough.

Kanani said that the Ministry of Transport and not to repeat that it can open the door of the competition and other national vector in order to have ample space to transport pilgrims and is also a benefit to the Transport Ministry and the state treasury because the presence of vectors other will be compared to the amounts given to the Iraqi state any interest prevail.

Kanani confirmed that there are 80 companies licensed to transport pilgrims and body monitors these companies are working on the organization of work, including the transfer of pilgrims where the body was committed to the process of organizing the pilgrims, pointing out that prices for pilgrims is very suitable when compared to other countries. AJ

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