Private transport for "Economy News": investment is our destination and some provincial councils to interfere in our work

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special General Company for the Department of Transport confirmed one of the formations and the Ministry of Transport that the investment company is directed at the current stage, indicating that there are some departments of the provincial councils to interfere in our work.

The general director of the company's charter demanded in an interview for "Economy News", the company has achieved good profits over the past years and is now going to invest in Mnciadtha Lalit is a bitter Unified cars scattered across Iraq.

He demanded that the company is working on the construction of a garage in a number of areas of Baghdad that commercial traffic attest to reduce traffic momentum and maintain the smooth flow of the roads as well as preserve their security reality in those areas.

He demanded that the company provided a modern garage and operates advanced technology by monitoring vehicles entering and exiting the garage movement and collection of imports through this technique.

Taleb pointed out that the company is continuing the development of this important sector through its projects, but yet it is facing interference by some departments from the provincial councils and some are delaying work. AJ

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