Federal approaching a government complex west of Mosul and the fight against terrorism, attends a military surprise

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Anti-terrorism forces, preparing for remote lights west of Mosul battle, for a surprise that would lead to a quick collapse of the defenses Daesh. Elite Forces, known for its extensive experience in street battles, near the axis is considered the toughest in the battle to liberate the coast right and present.

It has emerged as the rapid reaction forces, the Interior Ministry, which is bearing the brunt in the right coast operations. And they cut off those troops great distances, since its launch from the south of Mosul two weeks ago, most of them uninhabited. In the meantime, the fight against terrorism progressing slowly in the west side of the right coast because of the intensity of civilians. It is expected to rise in the coming hours the liberated areas to prepare to 12 dead, including the government complex.

After a truce rain

Resumed on Sunday, the pieces of the attack towards the center of Mosul, after a short stop because of poor climate. Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, said Iraqi forces make their way towards advanced ancient city center from the south and southwest.

He says Abdul Rahman Alloizi, MP for Nineveh, (range), that "I was surprised by the approaching Daesh ninth Division of the Iraqi army to close range, northwest of Mosul." And it saw the coast right processes and clear progress in the southern hub to the rest of the expense of other hubs.

But Alloizi says that the recent military band "will attack the area July 17, which is considered a stronghold of the organization in the north west of the city." And transfer Daesh in recent weeks, the military weight and its leaders and its host up to that area, due to its distance from the theater of operations.

The emergence of counter-terrorism

It is believed that the sudden band 9 of the strongholds of the organization on the right coast, which lies about now hundreds of meters only, will coincide with the "tactic" is a new anti-terrorism forces. It is likely a local official close to the process said the fight against terrorism to penetrate the heart of the coast right "without noise."

And going absent from the spotlight in the battles unlike what happened in the east of Mosul forces, much like "arrow" towards the city center. According to local official description. And confirms the official, who spoke to (range), speaking on condition of anonymity because not authorized to declare, "The fight against terrorism is to confuse the process of regulation and shorten the time of the battle."

Security sources predicted that waiting for the fight against terrorism, which had exhausted in previous battles, operations and access to deep right coast, where fierce battles are expected to occur there. And fighting anti-terror apparatus in the west coast right forces, which are the most dangerous areas and the most difficult because of the intensity of civilians, according to Abdul Rahman Olokua, a member of the Nineveh provincial council.

He says Olokua, in connection with the (range) yesterday, said that "these areas are considered the most densely civilians, so it is moving very slowly counter-terrorism." Device circuit energy forces and freed on the outskirts of the Yarmouk district, while the talk coming from Mosul news, for the last, have been battling in the Shuhada neighborhood.

Conversely Olokua confirms that the Federal Police made more quickly "because of the lack of the presence of civilians in the south coast," especially in the Ghazlani camp and the airport, where devoid of any inhabitant. And pays tribute to the professionalism local administrator of the Federal Police, also mentions their role in resolving the battle of the left coast several weeks ago.

Near the government compound

She returned Iraqi troops, on Sunday, to advance towards the center of Mosul, after a truce mandatory because of heavy rains. And it allowed a pause for 48 hours, crossing the large number of civilians toward the shelter camps, as the number of people fleeing to the west of Mosul, about 70 thousand people.

A statement of the cell media war commander for operations (coming, Nineveh) Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Rashid Allah Yar as saying that federal police forces and rapid reaction squad Tguethmon Aldndan neighborhoods pedal and still progress continues. In another statement, Allah Yar said that anti-terrorism forces storm device withstand neighborhoods of Tel pomegranate.

The team Raed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the federal police forces, for his part, that his forces stormed the pedal neighborhood, which houses government buildings in central Mosul, the attribution of artillery and rocket intense. The district includes the pedal important Nineveh province, including building government buildings. Iraqi forces fired on February 19, the process to regain control of the western side of Mosul, after a full control on the other side of the city restored.

Olokua says that "the processes taking place near Nabi Sheet area, where the former provincial council building before moving to the other side." The local administrator indicates that the federal police a few hundred meters away all government complex.

The US general, said yesterday that the Iraqi forces are progressing according to plan in its battle to regain control of the city of Mosul to organize "Daesh", but that the fighting becomes more fierce with the continuation of this progress. He said Gen. Rick Uribe, deputy commander of coalition ground forces "are going according to schedule well, and we are confident that the Iraqis are learning every day and we are confident they will continue their progress well."

Recently toured the international coalition leaders on the left coast editor. As they listened to the complaints of the people there, including complaints against the forces that TSMC ground. And was accompanied by the leaders of the coalition commander in the round of Nineveh, Maj. Gen. Abdullah al-Jubouri, a star and Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal, who was recently appointed military commander of the side Editor.

It confirms MP Abdulrahman Alloizi the existence of harmony between all military units and the international coalition on the right coast.

Local sources have recently talked about the participation of American helicopters for the first time in military operations, to evacuate the wounded.

Alloizi and finds that "the experience of fighting in the east of Mosul has given many lessons were applied in the last battle."