Investment wealth deactivated
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Yasser incumbent

Within the trends of economic reform, which the government adopted the targeting of companies and public and government institutions which have become stalled high-mandated production without any mention.
At a time when the government is seeking to activate the productive sectors and the adoption of domestic production to reduce dependence on imports and narrow the hard currency out, you find on the other hand a significant decline in the performance of institutions and companies that are not of an economic feasibility but only consumer of government revenues.
What is the solution about this phenomenon?
The truth is that the solution lies in giving the Iraqi private sector interest and full support for the promotion of productive sectors, and is known for the private sector that he does not accept the loss but to turn a profit is his obsession to achieve this production abundance and quality in the market balance and breathing.
As part of the government's attention to this aspect and in order to activate the productive sectors across the Iraqi private sector seminars and foreign year budget has ensured 2017 in Article 14 of the Budget mentioned law the following: ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry is working on the expansion of open your door for investment and partnership with the private sector up to its terms of reference, coupled with approval of the Council of Ministers.
This gesture included in the budget year 2017 is a golden opportunity for the private sector to prove his worth and his ability to manage the economic file next production to the fullest.
This article is also no 14 of the General Budget Law allow for the investment of vast fortunes Off represented public companies that surpass the 200 companies in various disciplines can by investing its production capacity and human make a quantum leap in domestic production, which in turn will address the multiple in the national economy imbalances through moving the market, and the absorption of part of the deadly unemployment, reduce dependence on imports and maintain foreign currency reserves, which goes mostly for the purposes of importation.
Here we have to be concerned authorities begin invoking Article 14 of the general budget for 2017, as they have a significant role in addressing the financial crisis faced by the country's law.
By contrast, the Iraqi private sector has to move very hard to put pressure on the relevant authorities to invest in these companies in addition to carrying out any private sector partners to creating and attracting foreign investment to ensure the success of the transformation required.
Otherwise there is no solution in sight to the problem of companies that have become a working pressure and weight on the budget for not utilize them the solution lies in either converted into joint stock companies or privatized so economists believe the best solution to it.