Parliamentary Services: implementation of strategic projects in the liberated areas
BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel - Latif
said the Commission services and reconstruction in Parliament that the local governments in the provinces and areas liberated from gangs «Daesh» prepared plans to implement projects which after the damage to its infrastructure, stressing the need to prepare a bill to fund the areas affected by terrorism to regulate administrative, financial and legal matters in which .
She explained committee member, Ashwaq Salim al - Jubouri, in an interview for »morning», that « the provinces and relevant ministries prepared plans to implement projects to address the damage done to these provinces during the control of gangs (Daesh) on them», stressing that «work takes time and coordination between the Fund the reconstruction of the affected areas and international donor organizations on the one hand and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), through a combination of all those organizations and institutions reconstruction liberated areas operations room to prevent any intersection between them ». He said al - Jubouri said «diligence should be inherent to the officials of those areas to take into account the amount of the benefit of these projects for the citizens and ignore the political interests or point of service on the expense of another , especially with the approaching election season and her publicist», indicating that « the Commission and within the follow - up to this subject is trying to reduce the error rate in the preparation of plans and statements are realistic for these projects, and local governments should take on this responsibility as well as the responsibility of the Commission through access to plans prepared by those regions and provinces. » She described Jubouri planned projects as «not the level of ambition, because we must reconsider those plans by the provinces and ministries that include strategic projects and be of future economic feasibility», stressing that « the need to be a project for the establishment of hospitals or clinics or water projects and electricity , rather than be for restoration or implementation of sidewalks and parks ».
And on the reconstruction of liberated areas Fund, Jubouri that showed «Fund chairman Dr. Mustafa al - Hiti , visited the Commission during the last week and briefed her on the Fund Details and owners found it», adding that « the fund created for the reconstruction of areas affected by deeds and terrorist must have a law regulating the work administrative, financial and legal to carry out large - scale projects can be moved to those areas better shape than is currently experienced by ».