Terminal: Iraq needs international support after the use of chemical Daesh
Anmar Journal March 4, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News
MP from the Bloc citizen Habib Terminal stressed that Iraq is in dire need of international support to get rid of terrorism Daesh gangs that use all means to inflict the greatest number of casualties of innocent people.

The Terminal's "Journal News" on Saturday, said he "appeared yesterday, some of the cases that are suspected to be caused by chemical weapons, but to this moment has not been confirmation on this subject by the official and specialized agencies."

He added, If this topic proved Iraq is in dire need of international illiterates effort to eliminate the terrorist Daesh because Iraq is fighting Daesh on behalf of the world

The press reports said on Friday that 12 civilians on the left coast of the city of Mosul have been infected with symptoms identical to the symptoms of exposure to a chemical attack with a weapon in battles to restore the right side west of the city of Daesh. https://www.aljournal.com/main/myapp-11502/