Trump praises immigration system in Australia and prepared by the "blessing"
Saturday 4 March 2017
15:15 Alsumaria News / Baghdad
US President Donald Trump praised the immigration system in Australia, described as "high merit" as an economic boon for the country, in contrast to the US system, which, he told Congress, America's cost "many billions of dollars a year."

Trump reiterated his promise to reform the immigration system in the United States, he cited the immigration system models in foreign countries such as Australia.
Australia announced its support for the policy of Trump field of migration and border protection
Trump said "countries around the world such as Canada and Australia have a structured program of immigration depends on the basis of merit," he adds, "It is a basic principle that those who seek to enter the country must be able to support themselves financially."

Mentions that the immigration system in Australia is one of the tougher regulations that do not allow illegal immigrants to Australian territory where the government is based on the interception and return of all migrant boats to places of its launch, and the arrest of up to Australian territory in the centers set up in remote islands.