Indeed, development

Ahmed al - Sumaidaie
began the stage of practical cooperation to rotate the wheel of industrial production in Iraq in cooperation with external private sector , which has the technology and expertise in industrial and agricultural production sectors of them, which has proved remarkably successful at international level.
And we have to proceed to the stage of serious cooperation between the Iraqi private sector and global counterpart, especially after the government has worked to support the private sector to activate all economic sectors to start real economic development stage sought by Iraq, which runs from the real reform.
The cooperation that we demand enabled this requires a serious stand when the reality of investment environment in Iraq with great transparency and clarity and hope that you are addressing the challenges that accompany the investment process in Iraq, as is being discussed to facilitate the success of the global effort investment mechanisms.
We must reverse a genuine desire to cooperate when visiting the World delegations to Iraq, especially that it includes producers in many industries and want to deliver their investments to different countries of the developed world and the motivation to develop Iraqi industries, and make greater efforts to develop our expertise in order to achieve significant economic feasibility.
The reality of the case requires the development of the local industrial base and this requires a real cooperation to rotate the production wheel.
That Iraq 's history of economic cooperation with Musharraf , most of the world economies , which represents a heavy load now at the level of the globe and can be re - again relations so as to achieve the
highest degree of benefit to Iraq and new partners.
The lack of financial revenues and the stage of financial distress that passed in Iraq after the decline of crude oil prices has led everyone to think about the importance of giving the private sector a real role
in the management of the national economy, and here we are in front of the stage for
new knowledge of the development of the private sector and stimulate Strutijeth mechanisms.
Orbiter and the reality of the work around the world aware of the great desire of specialized international companies to work in Iraq and get new jobs, building of Iraq is a promising market for the work you need to great efforts which contribute to the world 's biggest owners of capital and advanced technology , which we desperately need for the implementation of projects in All production and service sectors suffering neglect since decades.