Integrity: Investigation teams follow the movement of funds senior officials

History of edits:: 3/4/2017 13:56

{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed Integrity Commission, said on Saturday that the prevention of the Department of Investigation of the teams followed the movement of senior government officials and monitor the funds expected to bribery in some cases governmental institutions.

She Prevention Department at the Authority said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, it is "carried out within one month {135} a visit to the set government and private banks, the Securities Commission and the General Directorate of Traffic and the Registrar of Companies and the General Authority for taxes and the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and the Iraqi market for securities to match information installed in the disclosure of financial accounts provided to them by government officials charged with the duty of disclosure forms for their financial interests , "indicating that" the number of taxpayers who have been research and investigation and matching their assets amounted to {500} is expensive. "

The circle to "do its teams for {30} Visit to government agencies included Offices of the Inspector General in the Ministries of Education, Interior and directorates general of passports public statements in sub - Kadhimiya and Adhamiya national card and conditions of New Baghdad, Sadr City, in addition to the directorates of education Karkh first, second and third, and equipment Karkh and breeding Rusafa first, second and civil education and vocational education. "

Circle Amnesty said it was "carried out the anti - bribery teams of the Department of Prevention during the same period {24} field visit included some of the ministries of health and finance departments, labor and social affairs."

The Integrity Commission has launched a page on its official spokesman {I inspector} and called on all citizens, who have evidence and proof and documents available have about the existence of inflation is normal in other resources than doubted he enters the door of graft or exploit the career office, to report it via the page { I inspector} condition to be unsubstantiated and evidence {} as much as possible and be a far cry from attempts to miscarriage and targeting the personal hopes of whistleblower Ajtnabhma.anthy