Financial experts reveal the income and expenditures of the government for the first six months of 2016

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A commission of financial experts, a government commission, the Sabbath, from oil export revenues and expenditures of the government during the first six months of 2016, while the ministries indicated that they will issue a report later this month of February.

Committee Chairman Abdul Basit Turki said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "the Committee met and discussed with the representative of the international auditing firm KPMG draft report the company's financial statements for the first six of 2016 for months, which is the listed company will issue soon, based on the contract signed with her".

He added, "The indicators showed that the export of oil revenues during the first half of last year amounted to 17 billion and 92 million, and 296 thousand dollars, roughly, while expenditures amounted to 0.17 billion, and 434 million and 933 thousand dollars, which means that there is an increase in expenses compared to revenue.

He pointed Turki to that, "it was also discussed during the meeting and the oil ministry quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2016 for following up the implementation monument measurement and calibration in the field of oil industry equipment," where the percentage of implementation in the field of oil export 100%, "stressing that" it is expected the completion of the international auditing firm completion scrutiny eight ministries before the middle of this month and complete the rest of the ministries and five provinces in addition to the Kurdistan region by the end of August of this year. "

Referred to the Committee of Financial Experts was established, based on the Cabinet decision and began its work in 1/4/2007, to be the alternative to the International Council Advisory and Monitoring, which currently oversees the spending of Iraqi public funds derived from the production and export of oil and oil products, and that the supervision device deposited in an account at the Federal reserve Bank of New York, based on UN Security Council resolutions passed after the overthrow of the former regime as the development Fund for Iraq, has this account granting international immunity, so as not to be liable to seizure and forfeiture as a result of an international court decisions, may be issued for lawsuits The claims against the regime Alsabak.anthy 29 / d 24