Why Orientalists Ross said of the sermon "farewell" al-Baghdadi in Mosul?

7 hours ago

Twilight News / newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" touched upon "his farewell address," attributed to al-Baghdadi; noting that a third country will house the gunmen in the event of their departure from Syria and Iraq.

And broadcast television channel issued a statement attributed to the Iraqi leader "Daesh" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, calling on his supporters to cease hostilities. To date, there is nothing to confirm the validity of this statement. Does this mean that the war in Syria and Iraq is over? The newspaper went to the Russian orientalists and asked them to explain what is behind this appeal.

- Al-Baghdadi has admitted defeat in his appeal regulation in the recent fighting, and called on his supporters to retreat towards the mountains.

Andrei Serenko said that it was premature to confirm the validity of this statement, because it does not have "Daesh" site in the network "Twitter". However, there are people who are connected directly to "Caliph", but does not have any positions to confirm or deny this statement. And it is not excluded that this is one of the elements of psychological warfare on the Edit Mosul battles. Regulation has proven combat capabilities and vast experience in the fight battles and being able to resist the Iraqi forces and Kurdish units that attack Mosul. This resistance can be broken this way.

The Orientalist Kirill confirms confidence in the validity of this statement. He says that "the greatest battles in Palmyra, according to our expectations will be freed today or tomorrow. And" Daesh "incur heavy losses not only here, but what is going on in Palmyra is a clear indication.

- It is too early to talk about the end of the war

Serenko adds that supporters of the "Caliphate" will resort to the mountains actually, this does not mean the end of their project. We can fight the battles in Iraq and Syria Mountains. Here it must be said that "al-Qaeda" is pro-president to eliminate "Daesh" and other terrorist groups. This is one of the elements of the struggle to win the young blood and new powers. "And that" the elimination of "Daesh" in the hands of the coalition is very convenient for "al-Qaeda". "

This view is supported Kirill, is likely to "go militants regulation to the mountains, to the lack of another option they have, where there will have enough time to muster their forces and decide what Saamlonh later, because the future plans vague, has chosen a new area."

- I have repeatedly announced, "jihadists" in their appeals to their target Russia. Now, at this stage, their activity could turn into supporters of the war, does Russia will become a target for terrorists?

Serenko answer that "counter-terrorism system works wonderfully for us, so I do not think the occurrence of terrorist activity and widespread in our country. But we must remember that in addition to the organization of cells, there are people who sympathize with them, and share their ideology. These are the most dangerous elements, and these particular become terrorists alone . they do not receive remittances do not come into contact with representatives of the "Daesh", so the discovery of their activity is difficult. well, you can not say that al-Baghdadi, the statement indicates that "Daesh" will leave the Middle East. "

And "may form" Daesh "during the years of its existence a large number of branches in the world, including Libya, Indonesia and the Philippines. We must remember that if he left the organization Syria, there is a replacement. And is currently being repeated events in Iraq in Indonesia and the Philippines, where he attacked and state institutions, police stations . the experience of combat and earn people and recruit them and methods of their attacks and the dissemination of propaganda not evaluated well although it has proved its effectiveness during these years. so it is very likely the emergence of successor organization. "