Nineveh are coming, declares the entire edit the "Valley of Stone"

By Ziad al - Haidari one hour ago

Roudao - Arbil

command said operations are coming , O Nineveh, on Friday, for editing Valley neighborhood west of Mosul , a stone from the control of the entire organization , "Daesh."

He said the team operations commander Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Allah Yar in a statement seen by Roudao Media Network, said that "counter - terrorism forces liberated the neighborhood of Wadi Hajar fully and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings after the enemy to inflict loss of life and equipment."

Since February 19 the past, Iraqi forces launch a military operation to regain control of the western side of Mosul, after it announced on January 24 last, the restoration of the eastern side of the city from "Daesh."

Iraqi forces are able to edit important regions in the western side of the connector, most notably the city 's airport and Camp Ghazlani, as well as neighborhoods and villages.

And the western side of Mosul, smaller than its eastern side , where the 40% of the city area, but the population density is higher, and is characterized by Bozkth and the streets are narrow; the Iraqi forces are forced to go to the streets of a war with "Daesh", perhaps carry risks to the lives of civilians.