Vision that the economic recovery in the post - Iraqi dinar
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Samir Alnasiri issued CBI issued a press statement in which he explained that the slight decline in the dollar against the Aldenarabraghi it causes Alryise PROCEDURES AND ORGANIZATIONAL new used to regulate the sale of Currency window and curtail the role of middlemen and speculators as well as the commitment of the private banks and their cooperation with the Central Bank's supportive role played by the the Association of Iraqi private banks and urged the departments of banks on the need to support the orientations of the central bank at the service of the national economy and harnessing the potential of the private banks in the central purpose of which is to work on the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its value and cash Acharayah against the dollar Alammeraki.oho Mainsjm and operates the popular and economic street now and what is going on now from discussions and interactions of political, security and humanitarian in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and stakeholders is the subject of liberalization of Mosul, and what are the visions and attitudes after the decisive victory and the liberation of all occupied lands and the impacts on the reality of Iraq for the time being it is how to bypass the security, economic and finance its crisis afflicting for more than two years because of falling oil prices on the world market and the costs of the war on terror.

In addition, and this is important, the lack of an economic approach to economic and a clear strategy features and goals and not to involve the private sector in managing the economy and the weakness of support and assistance for his contribution to the diversification of non-oil budget resources and the transition to the economy of rent-seeking to Alantaaja.

That we're interested in all of this is what are the vision of the economic reform after liberation and the expulsion of terrorism Nhayaa in terms of coordination between the two policies, monetary and financial Alstrh on the market balance of cash and achieve the goal of recovery of the Iraqi dinar and its impact on economic reform and thus diversify the resources in the budget and take advantage of loans and grants and international aid in the reconstruction of cities liberated and activating and stimulating the private banking and the productive sector and encouraged to contribute with the government in the implementation of their plans as well as the rehabilitation of human resources in the removal of the effects of the war on terror and the fall in world oil prices and the suffering of the government and the people displaced from the crisis and optimization of variables and openness in the Arab and international relations towards Alrac after uncertainty that he should get out of Iraq out of its crisis and economic security complex and the study of the reality of the Iraqi economy during the years 2014-2016 as well as a strategy and the vision of new economic economic reform for the next five years beyond the liberation of all occupied lands, and specifically for the years 2017-2021, taking into consideration the expectations of higher oil prices during the second half of 2017 and therefore we see it be seen by the overall reform Alaguensada and financial next phase as follows: -

1-allocation of 50 percent of the assignments was to monitor the costs of the war on terrorism for the purposes of the reconstruction of liberated areas in addition to the allocations reconstruction fund and international grants allocated to this goal.

2-establish a body or a large enterprise competent for financing small and medium enterprises and the formation of banking system of cooperation and coordination with them under the supervision of the Central Bank and the Association of Banks in collaboration with the Ministries of Planning and Development Cooperation, Agriculture, Industry and Finance to lay the foundations and operational mechanisms for application in the liberated provinces to achieve the goal of Youth Rehabilitation and especially graduates of them the sons of these provinces to establish small and medium-economic projects to convert them to the producers of the unemployed and turning them from hopeless to the researchers hope their contribution in building the national economy.

3-allocation of funds from the International Monetary and banks and financial institutions will get Iraq for the next three years for the establishment of industrial zones and supporting the large contribution of the private sector and the agricultural projects of young graduates to diversify non-oil resources fund loans.

4-reconsider the laws of the legislative environment governing the economic process, particularly investment banks and the central bank and stock market laws and registration of companies, including helping to lending operations tax and settling accounts and guarantees required from entrepreneurs and the mechanism for the payment of their dues.

5-development and activation and implementation of the government's plans in e-government applications and electronic pre-emptive censorship and that limit the operations of financial and administrative corruption.

6-activation of the Council of Ministers' decision to establish a deposit insurance company, which was the goal of its founding restore public confidence in the trust sector, the Iraqi banking and increase the savings rate among banks rather than compactness in their homes, and their impacts on the contribution of funds of citizens in sustainable development that is to urge and compel the government and private banks contribute to this company.

7. restore the structural and institutional reconstruction of the economy development of the foundations and infrastructure for the management of the economy which is the Supreme Council for economic reform and approval of the draft law submitted three years ago and did not approve of the House of Representatives and the establishment of the National Provident Fund or the sovereign Provident Fund to pool resources in non-oil and oil surplus to the planned selling prices rates annual budgets as well as the establishment of the national Commission for decades, investment and trade and the withdrawal of all contractual powers vested in the ministries.

8-establishment of the National Council for reconstruction instead of the current Housing Fund and the reconstruction of liberated cities and Daesh The feasibility study for all large investment projects and infrastructure projects submitted by the provinces and monitor its allocations and the reviewing and monitoring and evaluation.

9-establishment of the National Center for Rehabilitation and distribution of human resources and specializes in the rehabilitation and training of graduates and deployed to rehabilitation centers and training of government and private pre-appointed central to the country's ministries and private sector projects, according to the requirements of economic development plan and budget 10-founding of the National Center for Consulting and Strategic Studies to attract all the talent and expertise of Iraq at home and abroad for the purpose of providing the governmental institutions and the private sector leadership of the administrative and technical Techno Hippocrates to manage all state institutions without quotas and consensual.