We seek to reach the oil reserves to 170 billion barrels
Economy News / Baghdad ...

Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Hussein Allaibi, Thursday, that Iraq was seeking to reach the oil reserves to 170 billion during the next two years, calling for investment of Korean companies in the oil infrastructure projects and construction of oil tankers.

Allaibi said during a meeting with the Minister of Transport and infrastructure salute Korean Huyen Kalou in a statement "the economy News" received a copy of that "Iraq is seeking to increase the firm's oil reserves to 170 billion barrels during the next two years," adding that "Iraq was able to add the amount of 10 billion barrels of oil reserves, which led to higher reserves to 153 billion barrels after it was 143 billion barrels. "

He Allaibi "The ministry plans to intensify its efforts to increase oil and gas reserves by drilling more wells and geological surveys through seismic difference which proved that there are huge amounts of oil and gas reserves, which would make Iraq summit countries with large reserves," noting that " Iraq gas reserves estimated at 30 billion standard cubic feet (Mqmq). "

Allaibi called "Korean companies to invest in oil infrastructure projects and create partnerships in the construction of oil ships in the area of ​​drilling and engineering equipment to take advantage of expertise in engineering and in the liquidation sector", stressing that "Iraq sought to build a fleet of oil tankers."

For his part, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Korean Huyen Kalou ministry that "Korean companies are willing to increase cooperation with Iraq in all fields, including the creation of a fleet of oil tankers," pointing out that "existed in Iraq Korean companies operating in all sectors."