Electricity: the collection of investment firms are the same as in force from the ministry

2017 - 03-02

Electricity Ministry said, that the collection of investment firms operating in some areas of the capital Baghdad, "are the same as in force from the ministry."

According to a ministry statement, said the adviser to the prime minister, Raad goalkeeper, but a nice anecdote , accompanied by General Manager distribution Karkh Bahaa Zaid Khalaf, visited the headquarters of the company , "it Rzaar" winning a contract of service and collection areas Yarmouk as well as the company "Crystal" winning a contract of service and collection areas Mansour University inspired Hittin, justice and Amiriyah , which introduced the service. "

The Director General of the distribution of Karkh , " a detailed report on the service and collection contracts to areas of Karkh and technical situation of the electricity grid and low loads and reduce Aldhaiat and abundance of energy that have been made after the receipt of the network of investment companies and provide nutrients and remove abuses and admitted among the participants after the completion of installation standards an explanation."

He stressed that "investment companies that operate as a partner to the Ministry of Electricity and not a substitute for it , and the tariff in force is the same in which it operates and the Ministry of Electricity , " adding that " the citizen an effective and influential role in the success of investment experience."

The delegation also listened to the companies procedures and observations that have emerged during the work and good coordination and cooperation between the ministry and construction companies to provide the service.

The Committee of ministerial power under Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, decided on 23 February, to refer a number of other provinces and regions in the capital to service contracts and collection of the power sector to provide electricity 24 hours for citizens.

Rejected several provinces, the contracts for collection and high cost, and demanded that the Ministry of Electricity to secure their share of energy.